We look to bring you top quality items at the best price. Everyone deserves to have their own fashion identity as we strive to find exclusive fashion items from all over the world and domestically.


The handling time may range from 1-4 days with the average handling time is 1 day. This means that your item is prepared packaged and sent off to be shipped in around 1-4 days.


All items are provided with a tracking number to make it simple and easy to keep track of your item during each step of its shipping process. Items arrival times vary depending on the item. Items may arrive within 2-7 days depending on if the warehouse is located domestically or internationally.

Please allow a 30-day window for international items to arrive before reaching out for questions and concerns about the item. Our 60-day return policy is effective once the item is delivered. Free Shipping items typically arrive within 9-20 days.

Free Shipping is only offered for select items!

Free Shipping is only offered to U.S. items. Please allow up to 20 days for items to arrive in countries outside the U.S. and 22 days for items to Canada.

Please allow 7-15 days for arrival of items shipped to the United Kingdom.

Please allow 7-15 days for arrival of items shipped to Austria.